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Are you utterly minimalistic in your lifestyle, an absolute clutterer hoarder, or just messy?
I would have to say that I fall closest to the absolute clutterer hoarder. If you ask me where I put something a year ago pretty good chance I will remember where I put it. But I have a lot of “it”!
Do you prefer to sit on a chair, cushion, bench, floor or something else for comfort and which?

We don’t have it here in our FL house but my favorite spot was this big comfy chair and ottoman. Now we have a slightly comfy chair and ottoman which is okay but I do miss that chair. It was a hand-me-down and a cat had ripped up the back but it was a great chair.
What is the most challenging part of your writing process?

Staying on one topic or trying to complete one thing at a time. Oftentimes, I find myself looking for words or ideas only to end up starting a new writing piece. I like to think I have a lot of ideas but they don’t go that far unfortunately.
Do you think you are an addictive or non-addictive personality?

I am definitely an addictive personality. Back in college some of my friends took Acid. I still don’t really know how you “take” it but it made me scared to think about the effects. Cocaine was another story. Not that I used it!!!! I remember thinking that maybe I would try it, but my fear was that I would like it and not be able to take myself away from it; so I never tried.
Do you feel in any way, shape or form threatened by the arrival of AI [Artificial Intelligence] opportunities or welcome the progression into your life with ease?

I am not really worried about AI. I have always lived with the feeling like it was 1984 and Big Brother was always watching. I guess I’ve always felt that I really don’t have much to hide and the secrets I do have are not anything anyone would care about. That being said, AI is going to be the next Big Brother I think but it is sort of inevitable so it is what it is.
What subjects or topics inspire you to create the most concerning your writing?

Usually it is how much I miss my son and late husband or how lucky I feel to have a wonderful second husband who is really good to me. I feel bad writing about too much grief because I sometimes feel it makes me seem ungrateful for what I still have.
When was the last time you walked through a graveyard?

Not recent enough! I love graveyards. Every time I drive between CT and FL I always stop at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. I was thinking that for my next trip I would look up cemeteries on the way along I95 that are known either for its residents or their continued spiritual presence.
What are your top five favourite flowers?

That is hard because I love them all but I would say 1. Alstroemeria 2. Iris 3. Roses 4. Hydrangea 5. Hibiscus
What would you say would be your writing quirk?

I almost always rhyme whether I want to or not.
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10 thoughts on “The Garden Dawdler

  1. Hey Christine, a great floral bouquet there 🙂

    Yes as a teenager my friends were into acid and l also wondered if it might be worth a try and in the eighties when coke was doing the rounds l wondered if the snort was worth it, but my fear was l am addictive to things and suffer with a lack of moderation, l will get hooked and end up dead in a ditch somewhere … so steered clear.

    Thoughtful and forthright answering 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny how some people can see how addictive their personalities or behaviors are while others cannot. I guess that is why some become addicted. Nowadays though with all of the hype around the globe about drugs tainted with killing chemicals, it amazes me that anyone would start drugs. I understand that the people who are already addicted need the fix but to start???

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Christine, l know.

        Strange though, the drugs from our younger days were NOT not bad, they were, but some of the shit that is on the market today is seriously frightening and YES who would want to knowingly think that starting would be a good idea?

        Liked by 1 person

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