Trying to catch up…Book Titles: C

My theme (well for at least right now that I think I can find enough books, will be Book Titles that I have read)

Book Titles: C

Cat & Vivian by Amanda Eyre Ward

I just finished listening to this and it was pretty good. Although you pretty much knew what happened the entire time it was like you were just waiting for the author to tell you how they concocted such a story. It wasn’t very long but I enjoyed it.

From Goodreads:

In this sharp and shocking mystery by the New York Times best-selling author of Reese Witherspoon/Hello Sunshine pick The Jetsetters and The Lifeguards, a woman visiting her grandmother–a retired, once-legendary PI–becomes entangled in a mystifying local disappearance case on the beautiful, remote islands outside Savannah, Georgia.

Vivian, a former reporter and a newlywed, doesn’t know what to do with herself after an incident with her husband forces her to question their partnership and her future. Yearning for the ocean air and a sense of home, she retreats to Tybee Island to clear her head and visit her Nana, a retired PI who now struggles with dementia.

The phone rings: Catherine Grant, a housewife living in a private development nearby, woke up to find her husband and their baby girl missing, and she is desperate for help. Guided by all the wisdom her grandmother has instilled in her over the years, Vivian falls headfirst into this complicated case that will prove one of Nana’s favorite principles: In order to understand the present, you must examine the past.

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