It’s Thursday’s Six Sentence Story Link Up!

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Finding Family

Darcy made her way through the stacks of books, down long tunnels of shelving that reached over ten feet from the floor, and through several doorways before entering the computer room.
She had never understood why they put this room all the way in the back, just like supermarkets put all the dairy in the back of the store to entice shoppers to walk the isles.
Sitting at the third computer, which is the one she usually sat at when she came here, she hit the power button to wake up the screen and start her search.
It was nearly 3 hours later when she looked up from her computer again but felt less tired than she had felt when she got there.
With paper and pen in hand, Darcy headed back the way she came and slipped out the door without making any disruptions to the other library patrons.
Finally, Darcy had the address she needed, the courage to move forward, and the desire to learn all about the family she never knew she had.

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