WordPress Question of the Day

Daily writing prompt
What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Brody wakes me up at precisely 8:00 am. I tell him that I need five more minutes, showing him my five fingers and he goes back in his bed for at least 5 minutes, usually 15 minutes. I sit up in bed and he proceeds to rub his back under my dangling feet for his morning back rub/scratch. I let him out the back door.

While he is going potty, I wash, brush my teeth, and then find him waiting outside the bathroom door for me. He follows me back to my bedroom where I get dressed. Next, I go get his food dish which is near the back door, so I close the back door now. I get Brody’s bowl and make him breakfast, typically comprised of kibble, a teaspoon of wet dog food, and some water to make it “Soupy”. Next, I fill his water dish with fresh clean water, and he finishes. I then get my sneakers on and we go for our daily walk.

While walking I either listen to a book on Audible or music on Spotify. After he poops we head home so I can blog and get on with my day.

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