From my desk: 01/31/2023

About two weeks ago David and I went to a home show in Sarasota. We walked around and of course got bombarded by sales people. We agreed to have an inhome consult with three companies.

The first was Solar. They never showed up, never called…

The second was windows and doors. Well, we had everything confirmed and when the sales person was more than 15 minutes late with no call we left a note on the door that we were not interested in working with them and gave the reason. If we are going to plan our day to include a sales call they can show respect and call if they will be late. Anyhow, we got calls after that for about 1/2 hour to an hour and text messages. One person said the guy didn’t show up on time and was unable to call because he dropped his phone in the toilet earlier that day. TMI and sounds stupid for a company to say that. Another text said they were sorry, the guy. was just running late, would we reconsider since he was still in the area. There were one or two others along with a few voice messages. I did not answer. I had given my reason on my note.

The third was also windows and doors. The meeting was supposed to be on a Thursday or something and that particular day I had not been feeling well. In addition, I had been to a number of different doctor’s appointments. We had not confirmed the meeting for that night but I did not answer the phone calls as I was in the doctor’s most of the day. Well, they called me 14 times that day between maybe noon and six oclock. The following day there were maybe 4 calls. Since then, every day except Sunday I have gotten a call from them at around 8:30 am. There is never a message with it. I don’t answer. I am starting to get annoyed. I do apologize telepathically that we did not confirm nor cancel but I think they should have gotten the hint. Now it is just harassment. I tried blocking the number but I am still getting calls. By that afternoon and after about 10 calls we had decided we didn’t want to work with them as they had no idea why we weren’t answering and I think that is too many calls. They could have sent a text.

I’m done with salespeople for a while. Sorry if you are “one of them”

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