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What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

I have always enjoyed watching Football, American Football. I grew up watching it and have always seen at least some of the seasonal games. Now that I am understanding the rules more and more I do admit I like it more. My favorite team used to be San Francisco 49er’s until Dion Sanders left and went to Dallas. I didn’t have a favorite team for a long time after that. Then came a year that I decided I really needed to pick a team so I could cheer appropriately. I chose the Vikings because I love their colors.

This year as any football watcher knows, the Vikings are out. Throughout the season I did like Kansas City because I like Mahomes. I grew up in the northeast so I grew up listening to people rave about Tom Brady. Yes, he is fabulous, or was in his day, but he needs to retire. Mahomes on the other hand is good and young and has a good thing going.

My favorite cousin is an Eagles fan. I am technically a Kansas City fan for the Super Bowl. I still love my cousin!

10 thoughts on “WordPress Question of the Day

  1. I used to love watching Aussie Football, but it’s gone soft. Seriously political correctness has taken the fun out of it, so I don’t bother with any now

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  2. Good answer to the question. We watched football off and on with no particular favorite, until the past few years. We love the KC Chiefs! Mahomes is a local hometown guy who went to our University here, and such a great player. Also, my daughter and family live in Kansas City MO, and we all watch the games, and text comments to each other during them. So, Go Chiefs at the SuperBowl! 🙂

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