This one I called Sabrina’s Castle as it was a custom order for someone named Sabrina (brilliant I know!)

It came out pretty nice. I wasn’t completely happy with the quality of some of the pieces so I did take a little money off my original asking price. This is why I cannot wait to get my own 3D printer so I can start manufacturing pieces I need the then make stuff like this on my own. The little stone wall is also an upgrade because the pieces that came with this kit were little wooden pieces that were painted only on the two “faces” so the rest of the “brick” was wood. It looked awful so I ordered “real” bricks and made the stonewall that way. I do stuff like that included in my pricing because I really don’t want to spend my time making junk to then sell it as “nice”.

19 thoughts on “Miniatures

      1. I suppose I am good at it. I have to take breaks sometimes for a few days if it becomes too tedious. Some of them, like green houses or libraries, you just make tons of the same thing. That gets a little boring. Also, there are some things that I now know from experience to NOT do because it will come out crappy the way they explain it. I don’t know but they say this is the perfect hobby for 14 year olds. I don’t think I would have had the patience at 14 to do this.

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    1. They are a pain in the butt. I used a shrink wrap type of stuff to completely encase the house so nothing breaks off from the packaging. I have had to learn quite a few tricks over the years. This one has the spires with the crosses on them and every time I went to put anything on them to hold them in place that popped off. I finally got it wrapped but told the buyer that it may come popped off but to be really care unpacking it.

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