Simply 6-minutes

I host this but rarely participate anymore. I go collecting prompts but forget my own!

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Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 01/17/2023

Melody, I told you to clean up your room!

Mom, I said I would do it when I have the time.

Well, make the time right now. I am sick of looking in your room and seeing the mess.

Mom if you stopped snooping you wouldn’t have any reason to look in here and if you really want to know, there isn’t anything interesting in that mess. My closet on the other hand…

Oh, dear God, I don’t want to see the closet!

Well, as you taught me when I was little…Keep my hands to myself and mind my own business. I think that was a good lesson and obviously I listen to the things you tell me.

Melody, don’t be a wise ass! Just clean the mess and make sure you don’t have anything illegal in that room. I don’t want to have to adopt a sniffing dog…He’d probably die from the smell. And speaking of smell, is that smell coming from one of the drawers?

Mom, stop! I will get to it in five minutes, I’m just right in the middle of something.

Well, something is definitely in the middle of one of those drawers! It smells like something died in there.

It is NOT that bad!

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