November’s Last on the Card

Join Brian for Last on the Card – the last photo you took a picture of in the month

The flower was the last, last picture but the Snoopy decoration was just a few minutes before so I couldn’t help showing both.

7 thoughts on “November’s Last on the Card

    1. Hahaha, I used to have a stuffed Snoopy that had tons of different outfits to put him in. I had a doctors scrubs, baseball uniform…In hindsight I wish I had saved some of the silly stuff like this. You just don’t see it anymore. I was in the toy section at the store the other day and I realized how “cheesey” Barbies are made now. I remember they had almost like ball and socket joints but now they are so pronounced it looks horrible. Everyone wants better but I look back and really miss the quality that was put into things in the past.


      1. So true. I have many a toy that would be good to have now. Made of metal or wood not plastic. Was watching a TV show that had a Teddy Bear that looked like one I had and thought about my bear.
        Was with my daughter at a market and they had a box of Barbies and she was disappointed how they looked too

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