From my desk: 11/18/2022

A few months ago I bought a Ronco food dehydrator. When it arrived I was sort of disappointed in myself for buying it. It was really big, like one I had up in CT years ago, and although I loved it then, I wanted something smaller now that it is just David and me. I put the box in the closet and figured I would use it someday. Well, yesterday was the someday.

This past weekend we went to the Flea Market and I bought a bag of tomatoes. I didn’t really know why they just looked so fresh. So they sat on my counter and at the first start of blemishes I decided….da-ta-da! to use my food dehydrator and make sun-dried tomatoes. OMG! They are so fantastic!

Back to the food dehydrator…It was silent! No fans, no noise. I am so happy I bought it now!

I sliced the tomatoes, drizzled them with Olive Oil and then sprinkled salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, and basil.

*Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for the machine. I’m just stunned with the tomatoes!

16 thoughts on “From my desk: 11/18/2022

    1. The tomatoes came out awesome! They taste good just alone. I can’t wait to make something using them. Yesterday I put in the two bananas that no one seemed to want. They are almost done. I love dried fruit but so much of the ones you buy at the store have so much added sugar.

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