The Trick

A few days late but WP determines when work gets reblogged! Thanks Raven

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Tricks of light, of the eye, or just plain illusion. Whatever it is leave them wondering

The Trick
Form: Bowlesian Sonnet

All the kids come out calling Trick or Treat
Their plastic buckets are overflowing
With sweet treats, but there are no tricks showing
So this year my trick must have them all beat

Abracadabra raising up the game
I doubt they will even find my front door
Let alone knock it to say they want more
Izzy wizzy and a magical name

‘Mum how do we get up there’ I heard shout
The door raised so high up above the ground
Where are the stairs winding around and round
Then, “Oh, well they are probably all out”

And as night descends into the dark thread
Let magic bring home the souls of the dead

Word count: 114

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