Considered a Delicacy

Jim has given us a gross drink recipe idea!

A Unique Title For Me

Alisha had heard nothing but good things about consuming brains, although she was a bit disgusted by the idea.  She had eaten livers and kidneys before, so Alisha didn’t think that this was going to be all that different for her.  She had hoped to try brains in a taco or a quesadilla, but that Mexican food truck was closed down by the Board of Health.  The zombie bar was the only place in town that was serving brains, and she figured that with the brains being mixed into an alcoholic concoction, that they might go down much smoother.  Brains are more liquid than solid, so drinking them made more sense than eating them.  She didn’t really like the undead, but the drink was delicious being made into a creamy consistency, and as long as the zombies weren’t trying to eat her brains, she figured that she would order another. …

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