Being good: Compilation 08/20/2022

It is no trivial matter nor puzzle to explain
that biting through a cabbage stem can cause your teeth some pain
to frame it in a picture, exemplarily in fact
take a time to think about some other foolish act.
There was a time I crossed near a bowed stick in the road
Was it a toy or weapon? I was never told.
I knew a rope could tie it, the bight would hold it firm
But like a ghostly grasping, some boding caused alarm
I quickly took the footpath to home where I’d be free
And used the bytes on my device to see what this could be
I found a few long pages of spells and tricks and tips
but only saw the bended stick was really used for whips
I knew I didn’t need it as peace and calm exude
So now I will go rest myself, please don’t think me rude
I’ve closed up this long story with pleasantries abound
I couldn’t find more negative energy around.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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