Mr. Squirrel Verses Barky

This, That, and the Other

Mr. Squirrel loves his home. There are plenty of trees to climb, nuts to eat when he’s hungry, a water feature for when he’s thirsty, and several bird feeders that the two-leggers keep filled with seeds that are easy for him to get to.

The only negative aspect about the place for Mr. Squirrel is that loud, barky, four-legger who lives with the two-leggers. But the good news is that whenever that four-legged barker is in the backyard, the two-leggers keep it on a leash, so even though it barks like crazy every time it sees Mr. Squirrel, that’s just a lot of noise and doesn’t prevent Mr. Squirrel from having free rein in his yard. So he doesn’t feel like he’s by showing himself even when the barky thing is around.

Until one day when a mini two-legger went into the yard with the four-legger, who saw Mr. Squirrel…

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