Fandango’s Flashback Friday — May 6th

For the fun of looking back, reflecting, seeing growth or just participating…

Here is my May 6th from 2020


Written for Di at Pensitivity101:

Your three things today are:


ain’t fallen for it

There ain’t nothing you can do 
to make me fall for that trick. 
I’ve heard it, been there, done that 
so much it makes me sick.  

Your ruse may be for fun 
but let me tell you now 
I’m a heavy sleeper 
can’t tip me like a cow.  

Sorry to ruin your fun 
it looks like you might be sad 
I might look like a fool 
but you’re the one that’s been had.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

8 thoughts on “Fandango’s Flashback Friday — May 6th

      1. That is NOT old! Hahahaha, David’s dad just turned 96 and my dad will be 90 soon. Its all in what you do. With Maya, you have to keep moving, that is the best medicine for staying young. My dad used to walk everyday. He used to go to a mall and walk around and around. After he moved in with Laurette, he stopped because she hated the mall and he hated walking outside in the heat. It had gotten to the point where they only had one car and God forbid he used it without her! That meant he stopped walking. Shortly after he had to start using a walker because his legs became so weak. If he had only kept walking……


      2. So sorry about your Dad Christine. I love to walk but with recent problems with my feet and Hubby’s mobility is in serious decline, we don’t walk as far as we used to, but we do try for a minimum of three walks every day.
        My SIL rules the roost as far as Other Brother is concerned. They moved to be closer to her son and grandchildren but he is allowed limited contact with his children or other family members. The only time he’s likely to ring me is when she’s out and the call is hurriedly ended when he hears her key in the lock. I think it took almost a year for him to get his phone back after his knee op!

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