Throwback Thursday #36 – Gone But Not Forgotten

Lauren is the host:

This week’s prompt is: Things I Don’t Miss

Wow, this is a tricky one! One thing for sure is worrying about my kids so much. I know, we always worry but first, now I only have my daughter to worry about, and second, she is a good person and I just always hope and pray she makes good decisions. It’s a different kind of worry though when they are older.

I don’t miss having a curfew! I remember me and my best friend had it timed to the minute so that we got home in time. I remember the one time we told my mom we were running out for a little while. Well, a little while ended up being until about 3 am! My mom was waiting for us, afraid something had happened to us and mad. My best friend ran past her and up the stairs, launching herself toward the toilet to throw up. The next morning my mom was in the kitchen making breakfast and Kristen went to my mother, knelt in front of her with her hands clasped. “Wanda, please forgive me! I’m so sorry about last night!” Well, who couldn’t forgive that! Hahaha!

I don’t miss my clothes and my hair and my skin smelling like cigarettes when smoking was still allowed in bars. I smoked and I still hated that stale smell that you’d wake up to if you were too “tired” to take a shower before bed. Yuck!

Okay, now that I opened that flood gate, I could go on and on…..I will spare all the readers! Thanks for the memories!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #36 – Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. We’re ex smokers too, quit in 1991 just before we got married. We hadn’t appreciated just how long the smell lingered on our clothes until visiting family who still smoked and once home, we stripped in the hall and put our clothes in the wash. We had visitors once and they smoked, but not in our house. They brought the stench with them and it took weeks to get rid of.

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      1. We didn’t buy a house purely for that reason. The house behind us has new owners, but they cannot move in until everything is stripped and replaced because she was such a heavy smoker.

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      2. Ugh, that is so horrible. Yes, it has to be stripped down to the structure. When David and I were looking we walked into a few homes that you could tell right away that they were just masking the odor. I said no right away. Even when I smoked, except for in college, I never smoked in a house.

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  2. Thanks for joining in. My mom smoked and I too hated the smell. I am glad your mom forgave your friend. I can see why she felt she had to.
    I agree that we never stop worrying about our kids.

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