Fibbing Friday

Check out Frank’s site for the questions:

  1. Finish the quote: One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous lines is, “I’ll be…” I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.
  2. Finish the song title: One of Randy Newman’s best known songs is “Why Can’t We…” “Why Can’t We have money like Jeff Bezos?
  3. Twilight wasn’t about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. What was it about? Kids complaining that their moms want to start ghost stories at their campsite but it isn’t even dark yet.
  4. What made Blade different from the vampires he hunted? He had sharp nails instead of sharp teeth.
  5. In what movie did Billy Crystal play a character named, Miracle Max? Miracle on 34th Street
  6. The Goonies wasn’t about a group of kids searching for a lost treasure. What was it about? A group of friends who get together before their 50th high school reunion to hang out and have a few drinks like the old days.
  7. What was name of the character than Alan Rickman played in the first movie that he starred in? Ricky Alman
  8. In The Professional, who does Natalie Portman’s character shoot with a paint pellet? Her boss
  9. The Phantom of the Opera isn’t about a disfigured man who terrorizes a Paris opera house. What is it about? The vacuum cleaner used to clean large venues.

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