A Letter A Week: B

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Place – Bradenton

Emotion – Bashful

Adjective – Burlesque

Verb – Beckon

My animal – Bat

Leaf-nosed bat in flight.
Animals Animals/SuperStock
When You Go to the Loo, a Bat Might Go Boo - The New York Times
A heart-nosed bat, left, and two slit-faced bats roosting at the top of a latrine sidewall.Credit…Leejiah Dorward

Bewildered Brood

A bashful bat and a burlesque bee
Married one day and made a baby
They beckoned the doctor to give them a clue
Since neither of them knew what to do.
The doctor came quick to see what was wrong
When he got to the door he heard a sweet song
The bee was out singing to her faithful spouse
Leaving their baby asleep in the house
The two of them noticed they had a new guest
He checked out the baby, you can guess the rest
The man was bewildered, befuddled indeed
He had never seen such a baby in need
The baby was healthy expect for it’s mood
The doctor told mama to give her some food.
The mom gave the food as she had been told
And the baby grew slowly, grew healthy and bold.

©2022 CBialczak poetry

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