From my desk: April 4, 2022

So if you’ve ever been a teacher, whether it was for one year or thirty, you know there are those students that you click with, that you know will be in your head and in your heart forever.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about seeing Pileated woodpeckers in Georgia at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savanah. These two things go together….

I just finished dinner and decided to bring the dog out back to tinkle and I could check my garden. As I am walking out I hear a woodpecker outside and other birds, a few dogs, and of course chattering squirrels. I turn on my phone and see that I have a message on Messenger. The message is from an old student of mine. He and I clicked from the start. He was so much like my son, had the same type of humor, just an all around good kid, like my son. Anyhow, we’ve kept in touch and he graduated last June. I was so proud. Its especially nice to hear from him because he did seem so much like my son, it is nice to have that relationship. Anyhow, I opened his message to see that he just passed his test for his motorcycle license. At that moment I looked up and saw that the “knocking” was a pileated woodpecker. I’ve never seen one around here, I moved here in December. I started bawling my eyes out. Maybe that means my son will keep an eye out for him when he’s out riding. I just hope and pray he stays safe.

I might be going back to work – private tutoring. I am super excited as I miss working with kids. Last year during the pandemic I was a tutor via Zoom and loved it. It would have been better to be there in person but at least I was teaching. We shall see…second interview is Wednesday.

I’m bringing home tons of pottery. I’m getting better at most of it and have made a few pieces that really impress me! Lol. I am thinking about taking a hand-building class to maybe do some sculpture work. We’ll see. If I get this job then I will be very busy between that and seeing my dad.

A really great friend of mine from CT was here to visit this past weekend. It felt so good to see an old friend and laugh and enjoy each others’ company. She was here with her wife, who is also a great friend. It was really a fun time.

I just had to share my night. Thanks for reading. Have a safe and peaceful night!

8 thoughts on “From my desk: April 4, 2022

  1. I was a teacher for 8 years and I definitely had students where we just clicked. Funny thing, most of the time it was the kids that struggled, but persevered. Good luck with the tutoring job!

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    1. Thanks Cindy. I guess the first interviewer saw my credentials and I checked off all the mixing boxes from other people they interviewed. I do love the feeling of reaching those kids who have had such a hard time learning. From the very beginning my mantra has always been that everyone has the ability to learn, they just need to know how.


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