Winter be gone! Prose rewrite

Check out the prompt down at the pub:

So here’s the prompt for today’s prosery. The line I want you to include in your prose/flash fiction of 144 words or less, sans title, is “I wandered lonely as a cloud”.

Grandma’s Song

Veva walked along the sandy shore, kicking stones, searching for sea glass. She recalled the days, as a child, where colors would sparkle under the bright sun, illuminating bits of glass smoothed by the crashing waves and sandy bottom. Now though it seemed to be such a rare find. This Veva could not understand, with all the litter in the worlds’ oceans. But still she walked, silently. Watching a gull fly by she thought of a song her grandma used to sing to her on those walks on the beach…

I walked along the sandy shore
I wandered lonely as a cloud
I found my way back to my love

That was all Veva could remember of the words but she could still hear her grandma humming the tune, as if her voice was being carried by the waves back to her childhood days. 

©2022 CBialczak Flashfiction

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