From my desk: 02/11/2022

I have a few questions…

  1. Why does Blogspot not have a like button for their bloggers?
  2. Why do stories come up in my feed that are so old?
  3. After comments on a post there are often “related” sites to check out. One today was a post from 2010, hence my question #2. Okay, that’s not really a question.
  4. If the world were to start spinning backwards would that make the other side of the world a day behind rather than a day ahead?
  5. Where exactly is that line, the longitude I believe, between today and tomorrow?
  6. Is #5 the same question as #4 but worded differently?

Feel free to answer all or none. I just had to get them out of my head!

5 thoughts on “From my desk: 02/11/2022

  1. 1 – Because! 😀 … probably not part of their software when they started and after that no-one could be bothered to fix it.
    2 & 3 – probably because at some point in your life you sneezed in the direction of a data scraper and they’ve been ‘building your profile’ ever since. This is your fate and you must accept it as it was ordained in the fine print of the ‘terms and conditions’ you signed in the ‘before-life!
    4 – Best guess is the world would peel off in layers and a long ribbon would go spinning through the cosmos for all eternity.
    5 – The International Date Line -basically through the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a few detours around certain Pacific Island chains.
    6 – See Answer 4

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