From my desk: 01/25/2022

The shed is being assembled as we speak!
After moving into our new home we realized it is big enough for two but there is barely any storage. It is a block house on a concrete slab so no basement. After realizing we won’t have enough room even after downsizing a million times we decided on a shed. Tuff Shed from Home Depot. Great quality and a pretty good price. Beats putting an addition on the house!

This isn’t necessarily what ours will look like but it is an example of the sheds they build.

8x10_GARDEN_RANCH_1.jpg (1000×667)

I got a call that the kitchen cabinets are coming tomorrow. Once they arrive David and I have to check to make sure none are damaged and then the contractor will come to install them. Right now we still have the sink and dishwasher but once they start we have to tear those out. I am quite nervous because the counter won’t get installed until after the cabinets are in and they come out to measure. Who knows how long that will be! Our bathroom sink is so small I don’t think we could wash a coffee mug. I guess maybe the tub or outside! As it is we are eating so much processed food because we have no way of cooking. No complaints for real though…I’m lucky to be getting it done.

I have been listening to a lot of stories on Audible, especially while I build my miniatures. I have three custom orders to fulfill now! I will be posting the book reviews. Most of the stories are good, some I could have lived without. One story that I loved, which I may or may not have written a review for on my blog (I will have to go back and check) is The Marriage Pact. The Institute by Stephen King was also amazing!

Have a peaceful week!
My ETSY store is now called Stine Miniatures!
I would love to change my blog to StineWritingshire but that is still in the deciding phase…I love “shire”.

2 thoughts on “From my desk: 01/25/2022

  1. Hurrah you getting a shed! Been there, done that, put it up in the rain ourselves! We are on one story and although have a floored roof space, not a lot of storage. I’d like a bigger kitchen but there’s no way we can improve on it unless we build an extension, which would have to be out back, and the kitchen is at the front, so major turnaround of interior, so it’ll probably be cheaper to move…….. but not yet!

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    1. They got the structure up and most of the roof but the town has to come do the inspection before they can finish and it started raining pretty hard. The color is the color I chose to paint the house so it was good to see it on an actual structure before painting the house. Now I know I really do like it.

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