The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 522

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Elf Forest

Along the walk I took today
I never pictured what I’d see
A dove, a tree, a whole forest
And there were elves in front of me
To my dismay and to my fear
They just came thundering right by
And stopped right there straight in my path
I blundered and let out a cry
The biggest one had a tattoo
Upon his hairy chest
And then the one who was so small
Wore an old, brown leathery vest
It was the one in the old vest
who spoke to me high with a shrill
“The forest is the danger here”
He said loud with an angst until
I bent way down to his small size
An umbrella right near his ear
“I covet my own privacy
So you just go away from here”

He looked me up and then he said
Like a brave king upon a throne
I’m seven years the king of here
This is the forest I do own!”

So then I took a large step back
Letting me give this guy some space
But he didn’t want to let it go
He got right back up in my face
“I said that this is my own land
And you’re no longer welcome here!”

I turned to him and loudly said
“For that I don’t really care!”

I turned again to walk away
And then I felt his little fist
He didn’t realize I was so big
So I grabbed him by his wrist
I swung him up right to the tree
Which was standing there where we were
I told him “take a flying leap”
And now that tiny elf’s no more!

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

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