From my desk: 10/05/2021

I picked my dad up from Memory Care, where he lives now, to bring him to the surgeon that saw him a few months ago as his hernia is hurting. Poor guy was only worried that the doctors might forget to put him to sleep before cutting him open. It has got to be hard to not know, without the memory to hold on to, whether people are going to be as careful with you as they can. Anyhow, the doctor will do the procedure laparoscopically and recovery shouldn’t be too difficult. The good news is he won’t have to go to a nursing home, recovery will be at his own place.

After the doctors we met David at First Watch. This place is great with all of its recipes being all-natural. The food is fantastic as are the drinks. After we finished David drove home and I started driving back to Memory Care. My father, who has always had a problem with swallowing, began coughing and choking on phlegm. Back to the hospital, the ER this time. After checking for pneumonia and any blockage he was sent home with a fairly good bill of health, thank God.

So we stopped for dinner at Dunkin’ Donuts. He loves his sweets, and had bavarian cream, chocolate covered donuts for dinner. He was so happy! By the time we left he was ready for bed so we headed to his facility. I tucked him in and all was well…

On another note, we were supposed to close on a new home this coming Friday…but the owner passed away. He was in his late 90’s and in a nursing home. Unfortunately for us we may have to wait for the home to go through probate. David and I will have to decide how long we are willing to wait and if we should begin looking for another place again. Just my luck!

I have been busy building Christmas miniatures! I have two made, which I will put up in my shop on Etsy.

Peace to you all!
Have a great day!

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