Throwback Thursday – #6 – Gift Giving & Receiving

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Throwback Thursday Memory BlogHop where we take on a nostalgic object, event, or memory and blog about it. It’s the last Thursday of September. Hopefully we will be having cooler days, which in my book means more inside time and more time to blog. Maggie, From Cave Walls, and I alternate posting a blog with the title Throwback Thursday – subject of the week. (This week my subject is memories of gift giving or receiving.)

When I first read this I had a few things come to mind immediately but I think I can organize it in my head best if I think about some of the people who gave gifts and how it felt to receive them.

My son: It has been over two years since my son passed away and although it never gets easier, it is easier for good memories to surface. This memory, although not necessarily good, makes me laugh. First let me start by saying I am one of those people who try to find gifts to match the person. I will recall conversations or think about things that person likes, just to get the “right” gift.
So every year, for as many as I can remember actually, I would purchase gifts for my kids throughout the year, whenever I found something that I thought they would like. I did go off their lists to Santa but then they stopped writing to him and apparently guessed that Santa knows all!
Now picture this…Christmas morning, the family sitting by tree, the kids handing out gifts one at a time. Now it is Joey’s turn to open his gift….
Do you like it?” I would ask. He would shrug and say something like, “yeah, I guess I used to but...” and then my tears would flow. It got to the point that my daughter used to tell him to act happy with his gifts “so mom doesn’t have to cry”.
It sounds sort of awful but if you knew Joey, you’d see how it was just him and I loved him for it!

My daughter: Lindsay sort of took after me when it came to gift giving, always looking for the perfect gift. Two years ago, after losing my husband/her dad, we had some rocky times. We talked often and worked through a lot and became very close. It was that year that she gave me one of those little wooden signs that you put on your shelf that said, You’re the mom everyone wishes they had! Talk about tears!

David: David and I had been together almost a year when we celebrated my birthday (for the first time together), that was two years ago. His birthday is only 12 days after mine and it was one of those things where you don’t really know what to buy for the other person because maybe you haven’t lived together long enough to get something they can use around the house or maybe you just don’t know what the perfect gift would be.
That year, two years ago, I had gone to see my father and when I came home David told me he had a gift for me. I had just gotten home and he kept insisting I bring up my suitcase first to the bedroom. I didn’t feel like dealing with the suitcase but I finally just gave in. When I walked into my room there he was, Beary, my sweet guinea pig! Oh, how I love guinea pigs! I guess I had talked about the ones I had over the years so David decided to take the chance and get me one. I loved it! The best part of all is that one of the reasons I didn’t have any guinea pigs for so long was that I was the only one who liked the piggies and I guess it didn’t seem like something practical to buy for myself. Woo hoo! I still have Beary and his brother, Oreo, who we bought a few months later to keep Beary company.

Beary is the brown one on the bottom, Oreo is black and white (obviously!)

Other really special gifts I have received are my dragonfly pottery and dishes from Mary and so many other things I can’t even list them all.
I can’t really think of the best gift I’ve given…some have been great, others just ordinarily good.

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – #6 – Gift Giving & Receiving

  1. I loved to find the right thing for the right person, but now there are few we buy for. Last year I made over 200 cards and gave many away as gifts, including some to my neighbour. She was over the moon and those she has given to her friends have all said how lovely they are. Makes me blush!!

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  2. Thank you so much for joining in. It is wonderful when someone just get us and knows how to make us happy. I too have gifted cards and other handmade items over the years.

    I am sorry for the loss of your son. Good memories seem to come more easily over time. At least for me.

    When my niece and nephew were little they were so well trained to be polite when given a gift I often couldn’t tell if they really liked it or not. That’s a funny memory your post just reminded me of.

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    1. My kids when they were little were also told to really show your appreciation for any gift. As far as anyone ever knew my kids loved every gift they ever received. I have a “relative” who literally gets so many gifts that they rip them open and toss the paper in one direction and the gift in the other. So sad when a holiday gets so disjointed.

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  3. I liked the way you approached your post. I, too, was always known for getting the perfect gifts. It’s harder now that everyone is growing up and we do not see each other very often.

    My daughter and her wife always had a goal of making me cry when I opened gifts from them. They always went straight for the sentimental.

    It’s nice to have fun memories of those we have lost. I have so many of my sisters. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to lose a son. ❤️

    Thanks for joining in this week. Lovely post.

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