The Blitz Poem

Found this first on Jim’s page then on Paula’s page

A Sign of the Times

only time will tell
only one at a time
time piece
time to go
go alone
go get one
one, two, three
one of a kind
kind of like you
kind to your neighbor
neighborly love
love you more
love is in the air
air balloon
air it out
out of time
out of control
control yourself
control your temper
temper tantrum
temper your behavior
behavior adjustment
behavior management
management is in charge
management will contact you
you rock
you are the one
one of a kind
one day at a time
time to go
time of the day
day of the week
day to remember
remember what to do
remember my name
name your poison
name of the game
game day
game night
night time
night before Christmas
Christmas Eve
Christmas is coming
coming home
coming of age
age of Aquarius
age old solutions

©2021 CBialczak Poetry

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