Nova Asks #2

Check it out here:

Posted on August 20, 2021 by pensitivity101

Nip over to Nova’s site and check this out.

1. Have you ever jumped in rain puddles? Not that I can remember. I was not one to like wet feet.
2. Do you or do you not use a fork to twist your spaghetti on a spoon before putting it in your mouth? I use a fork to twist my spaghetti but not always on a spoon.
3. If you saw a reflection of your younger self in a mirror, what would you tell him/her? Give yourself more credit for all the things you do.
4. How would you describe the sky without using weather related words?
5. Are you an organ donor? yes Have you ever received an organ transplant? no
6. Have you ever taken the punishment for someone? What happened and what was the punishment?
7. Tell us something you’ve learned about a culture different from your own.
8. Would you please tell me 5 sounds that you hear right now? keyboard music, air conditioner, water trickling in fish tank, click-clacking of my laptop while I type, David breathing, the soft sound of the ceiling fan.

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