From my desk: 06/14/2021

Where have I been?

I think this was the longest I have been away from my blog since starting over a year ago. Life is a whirlwind and I am getting caught up in the dust storm. So, I need to wipe the grit away and get back to it. I haven’t been writing at all and that is not a good thing. It is so easy to fall off the wagon but I won’t fall, not all the way!

Anyhow, my house is under contract with an estimated closing date of July 15. Poor David is stuck packing it all by himself since I am with my father. I will have 4 days before the closing to get the rest of my stuff packed. I really don’t know how it will work but I guess I have to make it work.

Brody and I have been walking a lot lately but the mid-day walk is the shortest. The daytime sun is getting just too hot. There isn’t enough shade and the pavement gets hot too. I bought Brody a pair of sneakers but they were too small. I returned those and bought another pair but he could slip his foot right out. He has those tiny, bony ankles. Anybody have shoes for their dogs and can suggest some that might stay on?

David went to Sam’s Club the other day and bought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was a real nice surprise. The bouquet was huge, I couldn’t believe it! I love it though. Thanks David!!

In the next few days I am hoping to do some serious blog hopping and catch up with everyone and the beautiful work displayed. I miss my wordpress family! I just need to get a new rhythm…a new schedule…a better working of my priorities.

Thanks for sticking by me even when I don’t show up as often as I do or want to!

Peace to you all!

3 thoughts on “From my desk: 06/14/2021

  1. I’m glad to know you weren’t swallowed by a whale or worse! Selling a home and moving are very stressful! My son#2 is doing that now. He has to rent an apartment this next week and they want him to start before the end of the month. He is in whirlwind mode…

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    1. Yes it is crazy and to top it off David is trying to find a new job down here which is making him super stressed. He is definitely motivated after being in this tiny condo for a week.


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