“Soapbox” Rant

This is solely my opinion and it is not intended to upset, insite, or interfere with anyone’s ideas, thoughts, wishes…On a whole – please don’t read this if you are going to get mad and write me back that I am all wrong – it is just what goes on in my head…..I do not, repeat do not, mean to offend anyone one.

In this day and age, 2021, we are introduced to so many technological breakthroughs, medical advances, and things most people over the age of 45 probably only thought were mind games years ago. I mean who watched the “Jetsons” and thought how cool it would be to have all those computerized gadgets then thought, “yeah, right, like this could ever really happen?”

So with all we have learned and been taught, how on earth can we still say that because people are a different color on the outside they should be any different than another color? I watch the news and it is all about color and treatment. Don’t we know by now that biologically humans are one species? There is no race that is better than another. If you have bad experiences you might have some “thoughts” about another race but give me a break. Are you really going to argue that because someone is a different color or looks different that they are less than you?

Now this is going to enter into some tricky realm because of phrasing and “socially appropriate”, blah, blah, blah…I get it. What I don’t get is why some people think that whites are the best. Haven’t we all heard the term “white trash”? And how can you say black people are lower than white people when some of the greatest people in our history have been black? You really want to tell me that Martin Luther King Jr. was not a great man? Him and Abraham Lincoln would have been best friends!!!!! I am not saying that it is only black versus white. There are other ethnic “issues” I have heard of like black versus hispanic, chinese vs central american, white vs white, black vs black….They are all the same.

I can’t even think about all of the different ethnic groups, colors, “kinds” of people around our world. Some don’t have the advances as the rest of the world does, so if they don’t understand the full biological difference than they get a pass on my rant, but the rest of the world? Shame on you all for thinking that color alone makes a human being different than another human being! ANY COLOR! It isn’t just black and white.

Okay, thank you for listening. I will put my soapbox away and store it, hoping I don’t feel the need to take it out again.

Phew, now I feel a little better!

Peace to you all!

15 thoughts on ““Soapbox” Rant

  1. I think this is an excellent blog. And I do agree 100% and don’t understand the blatant stereotyping that goes on. I think it all starts when our parents etc. express the differences in race when we are babies. So much of our prejudices are ingrained from an early age. And many don’t want to make any effort to change. Now ~I~ am blogging here … heh …

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  2. There is still too much ignorance out there. Your blog, your soapbox – preach!! My husband is half Japanese and looks very Asian (although he was raised in the US and is as American as anyone else). Just watching a TV show last night where an Asian character was assaulted because of how they looked got my blood boiling.

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    1. My aunt is from Japan so my cousins are also half Japanese. They look more Japanese than Polish! Lol. They are born and bred Americans but also have a wonderful Japanese heritage. Ignorance is pathetic.

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  3. The problem is that all ethnic groups have members who claim that their group is superior to others – the reason is that all people are ethnocentric. Negative ethnocentrism results racism, xenophobia and tribalism. Positive ethnocentrism results in Unity in Diversity. The fact that most people embrace and practice identity politics noways causes negative ethnocentrism (racism, xenophobia, etc) from all sides to increase. Everybody is guilty of this. A further problem is that most people really LOVE identity politics based on playing victim and blaming/accusing the other side (of what they are also guilty of). It gives them a sense of togetherness within their own group, but it also causes a general polirisation among groups including ethnic groups.

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    1. I agree with you…But I think there are still people like me who can’t totally understand it regardless of explanation…Maybe this is just one of those things you can wonder about but there isn’t a full solution.

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  4. Great soap box preaching! I share your thoughts! Thanks. Color is merely skin pigments, “skin-deep”. I won’t want to describe a life with a superficial definition. We know better than that self-limitation. I do wonder at times why there are such varieties and diversities of human beings. I like to imagine a great painter painting all the creatures in such a richness that the whole painting is a grand master piece. I am thankful that I am one tiny bit in it somewhere.

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  5. Although some research reveals infants demonstrate a preference for caregivers of their own race, any future racial biases and bigotries generally are environmentally acquired. Adult racist sentiments are often cemented by a misguided yet strong sense of entitlement, perhaps also acquired from one’s environment. One means of proactively preventing this social blight may be by allowing young children to become accustomed to other races in a harmonious manner.

    At a very young and therefore impressionable age, I was emphatically told by my mother (who’s of Eastern European heritage) about the exceptionally kind and caring nature of our Black family doctor. She never had anything disdainful to say about people of color; in fact she loves to watch/listen to the Middle Eastern and Indian subcontinental dancers and musicians on the multicultural channels. This had a positive effect upon me. Had she (for whatever reason) told me the opposite about the doctor, however, I could have aged while blindly linking his color with an unjustly cynical view of him and, eventually, all Black people.

    Some people — who may now be in an armed authority capacity — were raised with a distrust or blind dislike of other racial groups. The first step towards changing irrationally biased thinking can be the awareness of it and its origin. Until then, I believe, such biased sentiments should either be kept to oneself or counselled, especially when considering the mentality is easily inflamed by anger.

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