Simply 6 Minutes—Welcome To The Challenge: 02/02/2021

Welcome to the 6 minute challenge!

Today’s prompt is:

*****For any participants that do NOT like restrictions, please feel free to participate in any way you would like. It is great to read the contributions!****

  1. Set up a timer or sit near a clock so you can keep track of the six minutes you will be writing.
  2. You can either use one of the prompts (photo or written) or you can free-write.
  3. Get ready and write for 6 minutes, that is it! Can you write a complete story? Can you think of a new Sonnet? Can you write 400 words? 400? 500? There are no restrictions on what kind of writing you do, but you should try to be actively writing for six minutes.
  4. After you are done writing, include your word count and then post back to this page #Simply6Minutes or include your link in the comments section. Pingbacks are enabled.
  5. *Feel free to leave your work completely unedited. I believe it is good to see, especially for new writers, that even very seasoned writers don’t write a perfect first draft.*
  6. Have fun, challenge yourself if you’d like, read and respond to others’ posts.

Thank you for participating!


12 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes—Welcome To The Challenge: 02/02/2021

  1. “Ugh… I’m so bored. Carly left for work and here I am alone in this apartment with nothing to do. Does she expect me to play with these toy mice? They don’t move without someone here to move them. I can only sleep so much and I don’t really enjoy being lazy. I can watch the birds outside, but that only makes me want to go out there and catch one and I can’t do that until I learn how to turn a doorknob. Oh! Speaking of which, I hear the door now. She’s home! My how time flies!”

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  2. Oh, boy… it looks like my life. I think I have one of those secret “hobo” signs (in stories anyway) that signifies the household is friendly and will provide shelter and food, only mine reads “Cats welcome” and is visible only to them. In my adult life I have only adopted ONE cat on purpose, and never been cat-less. I have three now, one the planned cat. Others just show up.

    So, this is pretty much the actual dialog that would take place if another cat appeared in my yard. I love them dearly, but didn’t plan on them. Yes, that sounds like children!

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