Conversations with My Cat

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A Unique Title For Me

I give him all the tender love and care that he deserves and in return, my furry friend helps me to feel less lonely.  Sometimes I don’t get a meow in response, but I am pretty sure that he is listening to what I tell him.  We don’t speak the same language, but we both understand what one another needs and we enjoy one another’s company.  Milo was a stray cat who was meowing in my driveway looking for food, the poor little thing was starved.  I gave him some scraps in a paper bowl, and he stayed outside my front door all night, so the next day I let him inside.

He caused a lot of trouble at first, climbing on everything and overturning my plants and he was a sloppy eater always spilling and wasting his food, which drove me crazy.  I never had a cat before and…

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