…in the corner…

JusJoJan 2021 and Stream of Consciousness Saturday are using the prompt “in the corner”. Check out Linda’s site for all of the rules and to read other entries. https://lindaghill.com/category/stream-of-consciousness-saturday/

My rambling contribution:
There is a place in everyone’s basement that is “the corner” where everything goes but no one wants to venture to recover anything. No one really knows what is back there. From the top of the stairs you can see boxes and you recognize the old Rubbermaid bin that you put there last summer. What was in that bin anyhow? Yeah, it’ll come to you at some point. There is probably some moisture now trapped between the layers of boxes and other crap stacked back there. If you move it you know what you will see…

You will find at least one, nasty-ass, giant spider who is just pissed that you have ruined a perfectly good bug-catching spot. You will find at least one dry, shriveled up salamander that came in through the sump pump looking for who-knows-what. You will find at least one piece of paper jammed between the wall and a box that feels damp, probably has some mold even if it is not visible to the naked eye. You will find a pen cap from the pen you used to label the boxes and from that same pen you had to throw away because you lost the cap. You will find a photograph from when you were a kid which will then get you looking for more.

You will start looking through bins, moving boxes, trying to find the box that had all those old photo albums in them. The young people don’t really understand anymore why photo albums were so important and you start to wonder yourself, since you can’t even remember where they are, which means you haven’t looked at any of the photos in a very long time. You will open a box that has that cookbook that you swear you lost, the one with the best meatloaf recipe, the only meatloaf recipe that doesn’t leave you feeling like you just ate a block of wood. You’ll put that aside and look in the next box only to find your old box of treasures. You open it and wonder why you thought this crap was a treasure. A marble, which are made by the thousands and all look somewhat alike. A bottle cap from your first beer. That one fortune from the fortune cookie you had on your first date with that hot guy/girl in your English class. A long necklace with a glass pendant that looks like the earth but is really too small to see any details. That thingy from your high-school graduation cap. Look, it even has the little pendant reminding you of how long ago it was that you were in high school. A letter from you best friend telling you that you are the only one that will ever know the secrets behind the person you thought you knew. Then you start thinking of that best friend…

What ever happened? Was it being away in college that separated you both? Did you have some sort of blowout you can’t remember? What if you were to find your best friend again? Would it be like it was and feel like you never left each others’ sides? Will you feel disappointed to know that your best friend has been keeping in touch with her other friend all these years but hasn’t made an attempt to talk to you? Wait, have you attempted to contact your old best friend? Can you be mad? But why weren’t you ever involved in their talks or get-togethers? Were they better friends than you thought? DId they stay friends through college? Oh, who cares anyhow…you have other friends in your life that actually care about you enough to keep tabs on you.

What is that?……
Holy Shit! That’s a big, friggin’ spider! What the hell!?!?!?! To hell with memories this thing is disgusting. You knew you would come across it at some point. Is it following you as you run up the basement stairs? Is it laughing at you, knowing it will be years before you go back to that spot? When will you go back? Probably either when you die or move….when you have to move those boxes and bins because there is no other choice.

9 thoughts on “…in the corner…

  1. LOL, I don’t have a basement but my garage is just like this plus all the kitty poop because that’s where we keep most of the litter boxes. We have two corners filled with hidden “gems” and various critters, dead or alive, and it does indeed take a good amount of fortitude to venture into the depths 🤣

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  2. Reblogged this on Buried Under Books and commented:
    LOL, I don’t have a basement but my garage is just like this plus all the kitty poop because that’s where we keep most of the litter boxes. We have two corners filled with hidden “gems” and various critters, dead or alive, and it does indeed take a good amount of fortitude to venture into the depths 🤣


    1. yup, never opened, sometimes added to… Unfortunately after losing my husband and then my son I have so much to go through and decide what to do with it. When the kids were younger I made bins for them to keep little momentos over the years. What do I do with all my son’s stuff? 😢 I have plenty of my own things to remember him by and no one else is going to want it. Then my husbands stuff. My daughter said she might want to take a thing or two but there are things like old yearbooks and trophies, blah, blah, blah. I feel guilty throwing it out but it seems silly to hold onto it when someday someone will come in after I die and throw it away themselves. I never know what to save and what to throw out. After my mother died when I was 23 I had the winter coat she had given me for Christmas that year until it was in tatters before I would get rid of it. I do know that those things don’t hold the memories but I still feel guilty about it.

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      1. Hey Christine, these are hard choices to make l can relate. What do we do with our yesterdays when we live in the busy todays?

        You keep the choice bits perhaps, a box of love maybe … then see if there are others that could benefit from the remainder?

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      2. Yes, that is good advice and I have thought about that. Perhaps sending some things to a few cousins and my nephew then they can decide what is important to them to save. I’m glad I’m not the only person that worries about stuff like this.

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