5 Exotic Fruits You Love

Dr. Tanya at Simply Caramel is hosting: https://saltedcaramel670.wordpress.com/2020/12/01/5-exotic-fruits-you-love/

I am not sure what is considered “exotic” per say but these are five of the less popular fruits I love…

  1. Kiwi – skin and all! The skin has all the fiber. If you use a potato brush to wash it off it takes off some of the fuzz that isn’t well attached. I will also eat them without the skin!

2. Star fruit – I was first introduced to star fruit while visiting Sanibel Island, Florida. The condo we were staying at had a star fruit tree right outside the front door. There was a picker to get them down, sort of like a basket that catches them. This was also one of the fruits that I used to bring for my students to try since it is a neat food.

3. Longan – These fruits are sort of like grapes with a giant pit. I first tried them at a flea market in Florida. Many of the vendors had them and you could sometimes haggle the price if you went to enough stands. The only problem with them is that they tend to carry these tiny little gnat type bugs so if you bring them home and don’t wash them there are these tiny bugs crawling around. It isn’t a big deal because you just wash them off. Also, you don’t eat the outside. Another issue I have with them is that if you get them too ripe, they get awfully mushy and don’t taste very good. Also at the flea market they have different “quality” Longans, some very expensive.

4. Dragon Fruit – This is a fruit that I really have to be in the mood for. My son used to love them. There are two varieties that I know of; one has a white center and one is pink. I also found these at the flea market. It is almost like it is full of tiny seeds.

5. Rambutan – This is also found in the flea markets and at the Asian markets. Again, I have to be in the mood.

25 thoughts on “5 Exotic Fruits You Love

  1. I am amazed that these tropical fruits have found its way to your flea market. If you freeze the rambutans peeled and it becomes a frozen fruit with seed ( you can pop into mouth and let it melt like a frozen grape in your mouth) or you pop it into soda water and add canned lychees it makes a nice spritzer in summer. Hope you enjoy it.

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    1. That sounds like a fabulous idea! I found Langons in a can. I like them but they are all packed in syrup so they are super sweet. The nice thing about those is that there is not pit or seed. I never had canned lychees.

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      1. The syrup is added and one of things I learnt about canned fruits is soak it in water in the fridge and separate the syrup for cooking needs eg when I make fish curry and stuff or sweet & sour LOL. Enjoy and glad to share as Asians like me enjoy food LOL

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      2. Great advice, I would have never known! My aunt and cousins are Japanese and all of them are fabulous cooks! My cousin is also married to an Indian girl and the food he shows me….Oh, my!

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      3. I wish it were that way. I don’t see many of the relatives. They live all over the country and I don’t really have money for visiting. Most of it is just pictures. When my mother was alive, over 25 years ago, we saw more relatives but it slowly petered away and now I don’t have many direct relatives left. I would love to have the money to see them all.

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    1. I’m the only one in my family who likes them. Once COVID hit and the flea markets shut down I couldn’t find them anymore. I did end up finding them at the Asian market, in a can. They are good but all of them come in syrup so they are super sweet. I bought a few cans but like I said they are really sweet.

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