My New Pink Apartment Miniature


The newest miniature available on Stine Writing on

This is a completed, fully assembled miniature dollhouse. It has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, all with working lights. The basic furnishings and cabinets are glued down however all of the items included have not been secured yet. As the buyer you can opt for me to set up the apartment and glue everything in place or keep it like it is, with all of the same accessories included. (If you want everything glued, payment must be made prior to glueing).

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Truthful Tuesday: September 29th, 2020


What are your thoughts on trick-or-treating this year? Should Halloween be “canceled”, or should it be allowed to go on as normal.

I have never been a big Halloween fan. I remember loving to dress up as a kid but I don’t recall liking walking all over the place for candy. Now, as an adult I think the holiday is ridiculous because of what it has become. When my kids were little I loved to see them dressed up and I loved that they loved Halloween, but again, I was not a fan.

That being said, I think that Halloween is only about candy. Costumes have become “whatever you can pull together”, except those for little kids. All costumes are way too expensive, which is why people make their own costumes. I’m not saying homemade costumes are bad, my mom made all of mine. I’m just saying that rolling up your jeans and putting on a flannel shirt does not make one a farmer.

I think trick-or-treating would be fine, people are wearing masks anyhow!

I think kids should just stay home, though, have parents spend a ton less on candy and costumes, and spend time as a family. Play a game, bob for apples…

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Learning with kids: Things to do!

I have posted a few blogs and this morning saw this from Milwaukee With Kids. It confirms my posts but adds a whole lot of other ideas for staying home with kids and making learning fun!

Here are some other sites that might have a few new fresh ideas!
CuriOdyssey Science Playground:
This site has activities for kids that focus on science and hands-on learning

Free Stem Activity Guide:
This guide has activities for science fun at home using things you find around the home. Most of the projects require things like glue, tape, scissors, and a ruler.
This site has activities around writing, scavenger hunts at home, and exercises for you and the kids right in your own home, no extra equipment is needed!

Parade Magazine: 125 Things to do!
This article has some great ideas for sparking kids imaginations. Some of them, like building a cardboard fort, may require a few materials, but many are items you can find around the home. It has many links to sites, youtube videos, even an article on making elephant toothpaste!

Staying at home without new ideas can lead to boredom and aggravation for parents who really do need to get adult things done. A lot of the sites and activities I have mentioned require minimal parental input (unless your kids are too small to do independent activities).

Have fun!