From my desk: 11/12/2020

Maybe it is coming down off of US election anxiety but I am exhausted. I don’t know if anyone else is feeling it. Maybe the time change is catching up to me. Which brings me to a question…of course I can use “the google machine” but I prefer human answers…Do other countries have daylight savings and change their clocks back and forth during the year?

My friend had her baby, his name is Calvin. I made a baby blanket to send to her and I am so excited to meet him someday. With COVID it isn’t as easy as it used to be when friends had babies…

Saturday is David’s birthday. We are planning on going to Western Massachusetts to visit the Clark Museum and Mass MoCa Museum. Any opinions of either of them? I would love to hear some input before getting there.

I have been working on renovations here at home, which has made me miss many, many writing challenges. I will have to reassess my busy-ness and add time for writing. My life is feeling empty, or maybe just my writing folder on my computer, but either way I must get back to it.

What plans do people have for the upcoming holidays? I think it will be a very strange year for us all……

Peace to you all.

16 thoughts on “From my desk: 11/12/2020

  1. Yes the clocks change nearly everywhere… As for the holidays, it will be a very intimate gathering of the immediate family eating at opposite ends of the very long extended table. We will be taking food over to Sparky’s parents and ringing the bell and running off with a wave and air hugs… My muse usually takes a break in mid November to just before Christmas. I usually don’t fuss about it because it lets me focus on cooking, decorating, gift purchases and wrapping!

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    1. Apparently they used to change the times so that the farmers had the optimal sunlight for growing things. Now, because of advances they can grow anything just about anywhere. I wish they would just leave it. I like the longer days, rather than when it gets dark at 5 pm in winter. I think Arizona is a state here in the US that doesn’t change their clocks at all. It is just too confusing. One day the whole world should just set their clocks and then all we have to do is worrying about time zones, which is something we can’t have much say about.

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      1. Oooh I see. Yeah they should leave it be lol, it’s confusing for us outsiders too😂, when sometimes you are behind us by 4hrs and other times by 5hrs.


  2. Between the craziness that led up to the election and the post election drama, I think a lot of us are exhausted. As to Thanksgiving, this will be the first Thanksgiving in memory where we won’t be having a large, extended family gathering. It’s sad.

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    1. We typically go to my neighbors for Thanksgiving, just the two families. My family dynamic has changed so it is smaller and has different people (Lol) but we may still have dinner with them because we see them often.

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  3. I know what you mean. I have been through a dry spell of late when it comes to writing. This entire year actually. It’s not so much weariness as it is disorientation. Things are just not right these days. It feels like I’ve plunged into a deep, cold pool of water and I am in the momentary floundering phase where I am not sure which end is up. I’ve been in this state for a while. Crazy times!

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    1. I think some of what is throwing people off most about COVID restrictions and all that is how much this virus has come to control our lives. It isn’t just wearing masks, it affects just about every aspect of life except being home alone!

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  4. Other countries do change their clocks and when I was working in Brazil, the clocks in the US went back, while the clocks on the other side of the equator sprang ahead. There was a one hour time difference and then it became a three hour difference.

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  5. We have Daylight savings time, and it messes with me for awhile. I can’t remember the last time I hugged family outside my home. I miss hugging people/family. I think Covid in general takes a toll on emotionally, and physically. We can only visit my husbands mom outdoors at her assisted living, and it is getting so cold here. 26 degrees here, she will not be able to be part of our holidays. I think everything is so different today for so many. Our Holiday just might bey husband and I depending on what my surgeon says in about 45 mins for surgery. ❣️

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    1. Oh my…that means you are either still in surgery or hopefully out in recovery by now. The healing process will certainly put a damper on holidays, COVID or not, but at least with the way the world is you don’t have to feel like you are trying to keep people away while you recover. This year will be the first in probably 20 years that I won’t be with my dad either on Christmas or a day later. Flights are too expensive and it is getting hard to travel again. Not much we can do except be thankful with what we do have. When I hear about all the death around the world on top of the people I have personally lost, it is unreal.

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