Friday Fictioneers 9th October

For Rochelle’s challenge:

The Venue

As we pulled up to the restaurant our mouths hung open. The travel agent said this was a five star restaurant. What were we going to do now? This was supposed to be the venue for Megan’s wedding. 

David and I looked at each other. We were in shock. We would now have to scramble to find a place to feed the families.  

Megan pulled up a few minutes later. “Mom, I love it! This is perfect! Look at the view of the water. You both are the best parents anyone could wish for!” 

David and I were happily surprised. 

©2020 CBialczak Fiction

8 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 9th October

  1. I can understand how David and Mom didn’t want to disappoint Megan and maybe Megan felt the same way. But then again the opportunity of a a perfect place just could not be missed – they can clean the place up for the reception.

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    1. I actually thought of my daughter. There are times when I see something and think it isn’t great whereas she thinks it is fine. It is hard to let her have that view but it is in the eye of the beholder right?

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