Open Link Night

dVerse Poets pub is hosting Open Link Night:

This is sort of a “fan fiction” parody on the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

Damn cat in the hat…

The cat in the hat 

Had cleaned up the house 

The kids thought him fancy 

Adults saw a louse. 

But what they don’t know 

Is that every new day 

The cat goes to homes 

To take kids away. 

He takes them to dinner 

And out for a run 

He gives them some ice cream 

They have lots of fun. 

And when they get home 

From their date with the cat 

Their parents are clueless 

‘bout where they’ve been at. 

The kids think its funny  

To trick their own folks 

The cat loves to show them 

That parents are jokes. 

The biggest dilemma  

That stands to exist 

Is that the cat is in trouble 

He’s on their hit list.  

If parents find out 

That their kids sneak around 

The cat will be gutted  

In a tree, he’ll be found.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

22 thoughts on “Open Link Night

  1. I have thought it funny that the super-ego conscience of the tale is the fish imprisoned in the bowl that gets thrown around in peril at all times. I think the fish is really just not wanting to get eaten and has appropriated the social constructs of his masters to try to survive, but the cat doesn’t care, he is just plain crazy id. I think the only reason he doesn’t leave it all a mess and eat the fish t=is that he isn’t really hungry, and from what I know of cats, if he were hungry he might not stop at the fish? Cats don’t care, they do what they want, but usually with more supercilious detachment than the striped hat fellow. But still we continue to love cats, right!? fun fan-fic verse Christine! 😉


  2. What a wonderful cat if it wasn’t covid dilemma time! The young do want to have a good time socialising and I thought I was young at heart but I actually like staying in now! I am that darned cat that just stays put on the couch, writing!

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    1. That’s a completely plausible story. Most of the kids that watched him are either my age or in their 20’s. Kids going to college need him to show them that there is no maid, you clean up after yourself. Okay, I take that back. The 20 year olds need that too!

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