From my desk: June 29, 2020

Well, tomorrow I begin my two day journey back up north. I will have to quarantine myself until I get retested for COVID since I am now in one of the target states. That is fine with me, I have a lot to do around the house as I really want to try and get it on the market again.

I hate to say goodbye to my dad even though I am ready to go home. Right now he lives so far away that I get nervous that I won’t see him again. Besides the dementia he is healthy as a 20 year old so I probably worry more than I should!

In the next two days please stop by and say hello! I hate when I can’t get on here and post a lot and then see no one has stopped by! I’m sort of a cry baby like that.

Please try to stay healthy no matter where you are on this planet! This virus is so pushy and just doesn’t want to go away!

Peace to you all and I look forward to getting home and resuming my regular “work day” of writing and reading on here!

32 thoughts on “From my desk: June 29, 2020

    1. So far so good. Most of the places I have been in, I have worn a mask but no one else is wearing one. That is what makes me nervous and apparently that is what is keeping this thing going so strongly!


  1. Hi.

    I hate all of this… I had a lot I was dealing with that I still hadn’t emotionally recovered from before COVID came along. The last year and a half for me have felt like one long nightmare. But I also know that a lot of people have it worse than I do, and there are lessons to be learned through this experience. I’m just getting beaten up with all the stress and anxiety…


    1. Greg, I hear you! Almost every stop I made only maybe 50% of the people were wearing masks. I was surprised when I went in to use the restroom at McDonalds and they installed these foot things to open the door with rather than using your hands. I just wish everyone would wear a mask and be super vigilant just for a short time so this virus will stop spreading.

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      1. Opening doors without using my hands would be nice. Not enough doors in the public places I go are like that. The bathroom at the original Dos Amigos location in Jeromeville has a handle that is more like a big hook, so you can pull it with your arm and not use your fingers; they put that in a few years ago, before COVID. But the Dos Amigos by my house doesn’t have that yet, unfortunately. (I’ll write about Dos Amigos eventually.)

        Honestly, I feel conflicted, because in principle I kind of agree with all of those people who say that making people wear masks is tyranny. But I also realize why it’s important, and I’ve been wearing a mask in public since before it was required here. I don’t wear a mask when I’m on my bike, though, because it’s too hard to breathe. But I’m not in close proximity to people.

        I feel like I lost a lot. I can’t have friends over or go to friends’ houses. There’s no baseball to watch, no fair to go to. Spring Picnic was canceled. I had tickets to a concert that was rescheduled for April 2021, and given the things they’re saying here I’m skeptical it’ll happen then. Things are very different with my job. And the rear shift cable of my bike broke today, and the bike shop is so backed up that if I dropped it off today, it would be two weeks until they could look at it. I feel like I’m having a hard time hanging on :\

        I tend to have an odd ability to find inspiration in weird places. Earlier tonight I was watching a rerun of the Goldbergs, where the school ski trip was canceled, so Bev planned a last minute sledding day for the kids instead. I need to do that… when everything is falling apart, I need to look for ways to enjoy life within the confines of what I can do now. Maybe I need time alone away from my friends. I can check different bike shops to see if anywhere can fix it sooner, and it’s technically still rideable so I might just wait to drop it off until I get busier at work and don’t have time to ride as much.

        (By the way, The Goldbergs was a big inspiration for DLTDGB. If Adam F. Goldberg can create a fictional series based on himself when he was younger, so can I. I tell people that show is so relatable to me… it’s about being a kid in the 80s with a crazy family, and that was my life.)


      2. Where are you, Ohio? I looked up your town and that is what it said. What else are you interested in? I have picked up a bunch of hobbies, crafty stuff, because I like making stuff. There are probably some ideas out there waiting for you to think of them.
        As far as the bike, can you check on Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone local fixes bikes? I have found quite a few helpful things there, even though I cannot stand Facebook. All of my posts go there automatically so most people think I am on there daily. Nope, can’t do it.
        Yeah, I was a kid in the 70’s so it was a little different than 80’s. I think it was more laid back. All we did was play outside, year-round. I remember going to my babysitters and being excited to watch cartoons! Seems so barbaric now!
        What do you do for work? I can’t recall asking you already?
        So, fill me in on things you like, besides biking, and I will see if I can come up with some good ideas. That is one of my stronger points!
        Have a good night!

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      3. I’m not from Ohio… what did you look up? Jeromeville? Jeromeville is a fictional place… well, it’s a real place but it’s not actually called Jeromeville. I changed the names of most of the people and places for my stories, just so I’m not making things awkward by saying certain things about certain people.

        Hobbies… Game nights. Board games, strategy games, 80s and 90s retro video games. Watching sports and going to sporting events. Concerts occasionally, about once a year. Just getting together with friends in general. Taking myself out to dinner and sitting in the restaurant people-watching. And none of that is allowed right now. Some of my game groups have found games we can play online, but it’s just not the same without seeing everyone in person, and it’s hard to hear people sometimes.

        I tried riding my bike in its current state today. Without the rear shift cable, it’s basically a 3-speed instead of a 21-speed. And it wasn’t that bad. I could probably even do an all day ride like that. But I’ll probably call some other bike shops tomorrow, and I also thought of what you said, asking around if anyone I know fixes bikes.

        I see you have an email on the Contact page on this blog. I’ll send you a message there and tell you where I’m from, as well as what I do for work (which I don’t discuss here because figuring out my career plans will be a major story line when DLTDGB gets to 1997).

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      1. I did, thank you! It was a long drive but not too bad. Unfortunately, I had to take a quick nap which set me back about a half hour, putting me in a bit of rush hour traffic. But rush hour traffic is better than traffic from an accident!!!

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      1. Ah! I hope to make it there someday! A few months back I bought bracelets from a group called Tree Huggers. Each bracelet sold was a new tree for the Koalas, after all the wildfires. Those poor babies!!

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