From my desk: 06/21/2020

So I started on the road at 9:00 am this morning. I am finally climbing into bed in North Carolina, after showering and the such. It was a nice ride and I got about 1.5 hours further than I usually do when I drive to Florida because there wasn’t much traffic…on my side of the highway!

I was so excited and bummed at the same time today. Waze, which is what I was using for my directions, had me go through Washington DC instead of around it. I was pretty far from it but I got a shot of the Washington Monument.

Anyhow, I had to shut my camera off so that I could see the directions and next thing you know, I am driving practically right past the Washington Monument, then past the Jefferson Memorial (I could see right through it and I saw Jefferson sitting there), and then……..get this…….The Pentagon! Where was my GoPro? In the trunk! I was so mad. Then to make matters worse, a few minutes later I’m passing Quantico! Yesterday when I was packing I said to myself to put the GoPro in the front with me but this morning I forgot. I may try to go back that way on my drive home!

Besides that, driving into New Jersey I saw green trees and grass! That is amazing because it is always so barren looking to me, but without all the pollution I think it is healing.

I did have to stop for a nap in Maryland, which took about an hour off my ride, so I was making really good time and wasn’t speeding, well mostly not speeding.

Goodnight and I will update my travels tomorrow evening when I arrive in Palm Coast Florida to see a dear friend.

Peace to you all and stay safe and healthy!

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