5 Things Tuesday-5 Movies you love to watch over and over again

From Salted Caramel: https://saltedcaramel670.wordpress.com/2020/06/02/5-things-tuesday-5-movies-you-love-to-watch-over-and-over-again/

There are a few movies that came to my head immediately. For fear of forgetting which ones I will start the list and see if there are only five there or more…

1. 50 First dates

2. The money pit

3. Edward scissorhands

4. silence of the lambs

5. seems like old times


      1. FBI, a great institution. Though Hoover is a very controversial figure but the institution is as great as the nation it serves with all dedication and valor. For me, the CIA fascinated me.

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      2. I have posted a new article last night. I will post the second and final part today. Please read through the same and provide your feedback.


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