Blogging A to Z April Challenge: P 04/18/2020

Parent of teacher? Which should you be?

Kids are home. Teachers are virtual. Parents are home. What should parents be doing to reinforce learning and support teachers?

Parents will always be a major teacher in their children’s lives. Teachers right now are working hard to provide appropriate education so students don’t fall behind. Parents should be encouraging students to complete all of the work assigned. Parents should also be talking to their children about what they are learning. Keep it positive though! Don’t add more onto the plates of students at this time, above and beyond what they are capable of. Even children are stressed right now because life is so different. Keep that in mind when helping kids learn.

Why is this a big deal? For one, you don’t need to be the bad guy. There doesn’t need to be a bad guy! Learning should be fun and a positive part of life. Secondly, your children should know they can turn to you at any moment for help or advice. If there is a lot of strife in the home over learning, children will shy away from asking questions. Finally, every child needs their parents and guardians. They have unfortunately lost their normal schooling, keep the relationships at home positive with some consistency. Kids need it.

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