Word Disassociation | Daily Inkling #25

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Word Disassociation

You know how sometimes you’re asked to play Word Association, where you’re told to blurt out the very first word that pops in your head after hearing a word?

Yeah, we don’t want you to do that.

Instead, take an uncomfortably long time agonizing over each word on the following list, making sure to come up with something as far away from instinct as possible. Take at least 30 seconds before writing your answer. 

Jump > Something you go over on your bike

Hemisphere > one side of your brain

Contribution > what you give when you are at a conference for work and the speaker wants input into the subject

Knot > How many knots do you know how to tie?

Pat > bread dough

Cower > when the cold shower hits you

Trap > the thing with the sharp teeth that cuts your foot off

Harmony > peace

Mine > underground

Recommend > opinion

Fish > something you do at the lake

Champion > a brand of clothing

Movement > a fetus

Willpower > don’t do it!

Feature > The good movie

For bonus points, try to work your 15 new words into a blog post! 

Billy ran home from school, knowing his bike was in the garage waiting to be taken out for a ride. He knew he could go down to the playground where his friends were. They built a few jumps there and he wanted to see if he could do them and land on two wheels. One part of his brain said, “go for it”, while the other hemisphere said, “don’t break a leg!” He ran in the front door and saw his mother in the kitchen. She was about to pat the dough, for the bread she was making, but hesitated. She knew she was going to have to tie the bread so it wouldn’t expand too far but didn’t know what kind of knot to tie. She wanted it to come undone easily after baking.  

“Hey Billy! Can you come here for a minute? I would like your contribution to my dilemma. What kind of knot can I tie that will untie easily?” Billy decided he was going to recommend the square knot.  

He then pulled on his Champion sweatshirt and told his mother he would either be at lake fishing or at the movies watching the main feature. He didn’t want her to know he was going to do new stunts on his bike. The last time he told her she got so angry. He didn’t like lying to her, but he would have to have the willpower to keep his mouth shut. Billy knew that if his mother got upset and felt any movement in her belly, she would blame him for upsetting the baby. Lying to her right now was really a way of keeping harmony between them.  

Billy hopped on his bike and headed toward the park. He knew he would have to get there before dark. Once it got dark there were holes under the equipment that seemed like eerie mines, dug thousands of years ago. He didn’t want to fall in or get stuck in some hunter’s trap. To his surprise the park was empty. Billy was disappointed but also a little relieved. He was glad he didn’t tell his mother, she would have worried for nothing.  

Billy got back on his bike, headed home and told his mom he was taking a shower. Before she even had a chance to tell him they didn’t have money for the oil this month and that there was no hot water, Billy had the water on and was already singing. His mother heard him whimper as he must have cowered when the cold water pelted his skin. She’d have to let him know later.  

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