Sunday Writing Prompt “Dear Diary”

Dear Diary,  

I am in love! I know I’ve said it before but this time it is true! His name is Dave. We met at a party last night at Susan’s house. Her parents were out of town, so she had just about the whole high school there. Tons of kids were really partying, getting drunk and stoned, but I can’t do that like them. I hate the feeling of having my mind separated from my body. Well, Jennifer was running around looking like a fool and Ben was chasing her laughing, I think he was trying to get her to throw her in the pool. I was just walking around looking for someone to talk to. Anyhow, it was almost midnight, and everyone was pretty wasted. I went around the back of the house and saw this guy standing there just watching everyone like I had been doing. I kind of watched him to see if he was wasted but he didn’t look it. Then he looked at me and it was love at first sight! I know, I know I’ve said it before but this time it’s so true! He has the sweetest face and nice straight teeth. Oh my God, he smelled so good! We talked until like three in the morning just about everything. It turns out he doesn’t go to our school, he goes to a private school, that’s why I didn’t know him. He seems so smart and nice. We are supposed to get together this coming weekend. He said he can borrow his dad’s car and come pick me up. He didn’t even try putting his hands on me! What a gentleman. Susan is going to be so envious when she finds out! I hope I can find something nice to wear when we go out. What if he thinks I’m too fat? Oh God, I had better wear black, so it hides some of my rolls.  He’s supposed to call me later today. I totally know this is the one for me. I can totally see myself marrying him and living the rest of my life with him. Imagine the cute babies we will make. A boy and a girl. I hope he wants kids! I didn’t even think of that yet, I’ll have to ask him. Anyhow I think I would give up a lot of my ideas for him. I will update you next time I talk to him. 


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