The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 448

Words:  hug, face, restrict, home, times, cult, distance, count, woke, look, call, hands

Held Captive

When I woke, I saw the face of my captor. I don’t know why he took me from my home. I don’t even know the distance I traveled to be counted as part of this cult, but I know the restrictions now imposed upon me were serious. I knew I could not call home, my hands were tied, as I realized the times were changing quickly. I would no longer look into the eyes of my loving mother or feel the tight hug from my father. I was now part of a group who had tight boundaries and was going to have to learn to follow them or face consequences unknown to someone like me, a girl from a small town in Oklahoma.  

©2020 CBialczak

Written for The Sunday Whirl :

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 448

      1. Okay, yes, it makes sense. I think the viewpoint that she is now in a bad situation but has a grasp on the good relationships…I have to laugh…I’m not shy about saying my vocabulary is not as wide as I would like…I work on that all the time. Thanks for commenting!

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    1. Thank you. I was actually thinking of a situation when I was younger that my mother’s best friend’s daughter married into a cult, and not a good one! She gave all her money to them and the restrictions were ridiculous. No skin showing, no doing anything but staying home if you were a woman…I don’t remember it all but it was scary.


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