Questions from: Blogging Insights — Sizing Up Your Blog


1. Do you prefer writing long form or short form content? 

I prefer to write in a short form content. I find that when I start explaining too much or going into a topic too deeply, I run the risk of boring someone and/or divulging more information than originally planned.  

2. How long, in your opinion, is the ideal blog post? 

The ideal post can be any amount of words, I think some of it is the visual layout and spacial layout. If a post is just one long piece with no interruption it looks too wordy for someone to bother with. I think people read blogs to find connections. If you must read through an entire article to find the topic, you’ll lose people. I think that if someone shows interest then that might be a good time to elaborate further.  

3. What do you prefer reading, shorter or longer posts? 

I prefer shorter posts, however that being said, if the post has enough in it to keep my attention, I will read it no matter what it is about. Some people can get right to the topic, whereas, others drag it out. Unfortunately, blogging and suspense don’t work for me.  

4. What are the topics on which you would like to read longer posts (say, more than 1000 words)? 

I have read longer posts on topics that are more universal rather than personal. I think there are a lot of ways people can connect and through blogging, you are given an anonymous place to do so. I like to hear stories about real events, things that people have experienced.  


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