What do you see? #17

“Well here we go again. Another day, sitting here alone. Where’d he go anyways? I’m not sure why he won’t bring me. Maybe he thinks I’ll be happier laying here on his bed until he gets home. All I know is that this is bor-oring! He’s lucky I don’t get mad. Oh, I would like to get mad, but how do you look at that little guys face and stay angry?”

“Mommy, can I bring Teddy to school today?”

“No Stevie, Teddy has to stay home. He likes laying on your bed waiting for you.”

“Mommy! He’s gonna get lonely!”

“Now, now. Don’t you worry. He’s only a stuffed bear anyways. Stuffed bears don’t really have feelings like people do. They just make us feel better.”

“Teddy does too have feelings! He hates staying home! He’s gonna be mad at me tonight! Then you’ll see! Then you’ll let me bring him to school.”

“Okay, Stevie. Let’s see how it goes tonight.”

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