From my desk: 02/19/2020

Wow! I was on a writing spree today! I love the challenges and writing prompts. I love writing for them and I love reading all of the creative output that is posted daily. Blogging has brought me so much joy!

I am thinking about writing some non-fiction for children. Not sure what age yet. I think there are a lot of topics that can be highlighted and written about. For example, homelessness. Unfortunately, the children who have experienced homelessness know what it is. Some of the other children may have heard of it. Some children don’t know what it means and some will never have to worry. I have worked with children who go home to not one single food item in their homes. I have worked with children who cannot bath because the cold water is just too cold for bathing in the winter. Electricity is not given away for free. Oil only keeps some of us warm. I am so thankful for my life and despite the losses I have dealt with, I have to say my life is pretty good. Would they be better if I still had my husband of 22 years or my 19 year old son, YES! But, God has chosen this for me for a reason. I just wish I knew what it was! Lol!

I’m watching the Democratic Debate. No, I am not going into politics in my blog. My one observation is that these people are just fighting with each other like little children. Don’t they know how silly it sounds? Hopefully all of the impressionable children are in bed.

I was reading a lot today and I was reading about Tibet. The one thing I want in life, besides a peaceful life for my daughter and others I love, is to travel. I don’t need the Hilton resorts or first-class airline tickets. I just want to see other countries and their beauty. I see pictures from countries in Europe and Asia, many islands, and other faraway places and I could cry out with my desire to see these places.

Peace to you all! Thank you for reading. I am in my happy place here and that means a lot to me.

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