From my desk: 12/31/2019

First, I must admit that I missed posting a name for A Name A Day. I plan on continuing this challenge into the new year, despite having only had one person, one time give me a name. When I have told people about this challenge they love the idea, so if you could, please consider joining me in the fun of playing with names. I may not have a name tonight either as I am planning on heading to a friends for the celebration. Posts will resume….

Second, it is the end of 2019. Happy New Year to all! I will be glad when this night is over, however it is another goodbye that brings tears. So much has happened in 2019 that it seems like if it ends it could all go away. Unfortunately, the changes stay and time moves forward. Such is life and all beings must adapt to this. So I say, time to move forward to find other rewards in life.

Third, once the first of the year hits I will be sending out query letters for my books again. I have been using Rate My Story and Critique CIrcle to get feedback about my children’s picture books, which has been an awesome resource. The feedback I have received will keep me busy in making revisions. I hope to use every bit of advice to make my stories publishable. Wish me luck!

Finally, I will say that blogging has added a whole new dimension to my life. I have “met” so many wonderful people, artists, writers, photographers, and other bloggers. I feel like I have a world full of people to put on my list of “to visit some day”… I hope to continue with all of my followers and with all of those I follow. I crave the new knowledge I acquire every day!

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