New World

The world I see is soft
it has the deepest hues
and if I were to scream
I’d only share my blues. 

For if I share my pain
and have you feel it too
I’d love you even more
For doing what you do.

My sorrow would be blue
My happiness in green
My terror would be red
you’re knowing what I mean.

When it is time to sleep
I hope you’ll sleep with me
For in the black of night
With you is where I’ll be.

When I wake its yellow
or maybe even pink
Colors are so vivid
At least that’s what I think!

Can you share my vision
of brightness in all shades?
My world will be quite bright
in all that God has made.

11 thoughts on “New World

      1. You can indeed as unlike other awards, you don’t have to ask a series of questions. Nominations are usually a stumbling block for me because the people I’d put forward already have the award in question, so I usually pass on that part. However with this one it’s up to 15 nominees, so you can do as many or as few as you you wish.


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