This weeks #writephoto: Causeway

Written for Sue at:

The horizon

Pink mixes with shades of blue 
blanketing the ocean 
meeting at the horizon. 

Water flows back to the sea 
Knowing where it came from 
Aware of where it wants to be. 

Peaceful harmony 
two worlds collide as they make 
a perfectly straight line.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Thursday Writephoto

Written for Sue Vincent’s writephoto:

Monsters in the night

Into the dark night  
with their fire ablaze  
the monsters take flight  
their strength will amaze.  
You won’t be safe now  
not ’til they are dead  
We need to stay safe  
and clear in the head.  
Fight hard for your life  
it’s all for real  
they don’t care if you  
do hurt or don’t feel.  
Don’t say I never  
have warned you before.  
They will show up late 
right at your front door. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Otherworldly #writephoto

Written for Sue Vincent’s Challenge:

The traveler

He looked and looked  
and he could see  
that the world  
was near empty.  
He did not know  
how far he’d come  
and now stuck here  
felt sort of dumb.  
Where was he now?  
Where should he go?  
alone in here  
how would he know?  

Oh me, oh my  
he started to cry  
Without some help  
he knew he’d die.  
With only one  
pair of pants  
He had to hurry  
he had one chance.  

The night grew dark 
and no one came 
he knew this was 
the ending game.  
He lay back down  
upon the sand  
closed his eyes and 
died on land. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Thursday Photo Prompt: Bells #writephoto

Hosted by Sue Vincent:

Sweet Scent of Bells

I made my sticks a teepee 
and hoped that they would stay 
I wanted to enjoy the bells 
in case they went away. 

I sat amongst the flowers 
like living in a dream 
the fragrance was as soft as silk 
and smelling like a cream. 

I found myself reliving 
my joyful days of past 
hoping that this sweetness 
was always going to last.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

#writephoto Photo Prompt

This week’s prompt ~ Crown
Written for Sue Vincent’s prompt:


And though we walk miles 
to find peace in a world 
where stability teeters 
on the edge, 
we follow a path 
led by those 
we believe in 
as we have faith 
that they will know  
which way is the optimal 
way to go.  
And when we walk miles 
we may find peace  
in a world  
filled with instability 
where our character 
is worth more 
than possessions we own.  

©2020 CBialczak

Torrent: Thursday’s #writephoto

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My Soul

My soul flows freely like a river 
flooded by the rains 
surrounded by rock to hold me together 
leading someplace new 
always changing 
always present.  

My soul flows freely like a river 
with a torrent of happiness, 
sadness, and fear 
waiting to flood the foundation 
I have built for myself 
Built to hold myself firmly to the ground. 

©2020 CBialczak


#writephoto: Memory

Written for Sue Vincent’s Write Photo:

He knew if was here. If only he had drawn himself some sort of map! He didn’t think he would forget so easily.
It had been only two short years when they came to The Rocks. This was one of the well-known tourist spots, only out-of-towners don’t know the story behind the rocks.
Now, he would have to search, looking for some clue as to where he buried the box. He thought he had buried it under the “chin” of the rock’s face. Unfortunately, there was no evidence of ever being disturbed and he hated to be the first one to disturb this area.
If he found the box he would be able to go home, but if he didn’t he would die searching.

Headline: Man found at The Rocks, clutching wooden box. Death to be determined.

©2020 CBialczak

still: #writephoto prompt

Thank you Sue!

Imagine this

Imagine your mind is a calm pond 
still waters, beautiful reflections 
needing no one but itself 
to sustain the life it holds. 

Imagine your life is a calm pond 
still waters, full of life 
holding each creature in safety 
providing everything it needs to survive.  

Imagine the world is a calm pond 
still waters, hiding, protecting, securing 
the life it holds so close 
for everyone to enjoy.  

©2020 CBialczak